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March 20, 2020

Dear Staff and Community at Valmeyer CUSD #3,

On Friday, March 20th, Governor Pritzker issued an executive order requiring residents to “stay at home” effective Saturday, March 21 at 5:00 pm, through the end of April 7. As part of the Governor’s order, he announced that school will remain closed, with a new tentative reopening date of April 8. We recognize that this development may raise questions about the impact on students, staff, and families as well as the school’s vital role of providing meals to students and families while schools are closed. We anticipate further guidance and details from the Illinois State Board of Education next week.

During this stay at home order, essential school personnel may still report to work as long as they are practicing social distancing. We want you to know the governor’s office has assured school districts that school personnel involved in providing meals will not be in violation of the governor’s executive order and that we can, and should, continue with our program, which has had a tremendous impact in making sure our students are not going hungry while school is closed. 

In addition, the governor has made it clear that, while he’s serious about using social distancing to slow the spread of COVID-19, he wants residents to still be able to work, shop at grocery stores, put gas in their cars, take walks outside and get medication from the pharmacy. Rest assured, we are committed to doing our best to provide meals and deliver continuity of education. 

Please use this opportunity to focus on staying safe and helping to slow the spread of the virus.  As always, thank you for your patience and support as we all work through the COVID-19 Pandemic. As you have seen, this situation is evolving rapidly. As events unfold, we will continue to communicate in a timely and transparent manner. Please continue to use in order to communicate with us during the school closure.


March 15, 2020

As I write this letter, information continues to remain fluid. It is my intention to continue to update you as information and guidance becomes clearer. I would like to thank you for your continued support and patience as we work through this challenging time. There are a couple of things I would like to draw your attention to for Monday specifically and the rest of the time in general.

1.     As you can image, I am receiving quite a few emails and messages currently. We have set up a separate, independent email address, so that messages do not get buried and overlooked. Any inquiries or replies for information about the closure of school should be sent to the following address.

2.     The State of Illinois has requested that food service be extended to ALL school aged children living in the Valmeyer school district. This service will be offered for free to ALL students regardless of whether or not they are currently eligible for free and reduced breakfast/lunch.

·        Starting on Tuesday, breakfast/lunch for Tuesday will be available for pick up in the elementary school lobby between the hours of 8:30-10:00am.

·        Students who are eligible for transportation, can opt to have the breakfast/lunch be delivered. The delivery process will follow existing bus routes. The routes will begin at 8:00am on Tuesday. As we cannot provide accurate delivery time, the next stop on the route will be contacted when the delivery is made at the previous stop. Please indicate on the form the number to contact to inform that the delivery is imminent. The request for delivery must be made by 1:00pm tomorrow, March 16th.

·        In order to provide this service, we are asking for the following form to be completed. If you are unable to complete the form, please email the addressed listed above in #1.

·        We will continue to evaluate the process for delivering meals during the remainder of the closure. Please be patient as we work through this new service.

3.     By order of the Governor, “all in-person, school-sponsored activities that are scheduled during the statewide school closure are suspended until school resumes”. This means any school activities that were scheduled to occur between March 17th and March 30th are cancelled or postponed. This includes all extra-curricular activities (including practice), events like banquets and prom, and any use of the school grounds for non-school related activities even if they occur outside. Information concerning the resumption and/or rescheduling of these activities will be announced as the information becomes available. The previous letter stated students would resume classes on March 30th. Please note that the current planned day for resumption of classes is March 31st.  

4.     HTC is offering free WiFi at select locations throughout the county.

·        Below is a list of sites where HTC will have WiFi available in the area in Waterloo and Valmeyer.

Waterloo Downtown – Courthouse square area

Waterloo Lakeview Park – Lakeview Dr.

Waterloo Zimmer Park – Rogers St.

Monroe County Fairgrounds – Route 156

Red Bud Park (Ratz – Lincoln)

Old Valmeyer Borsch Park

Columbia Bolm-Schuhkraft Park


HTC can also provide to students that currently do not have Internet access a 60 days free offer, where services are available. Please contact HTC for details.

5.     From Daytime Discoveries: “With the schools closed Daytime Discoveries can take up to 20 additional school age children. If you are interested in sending your child, please call 618-935-2800. You will have to fill out paperwork before leaving your child. Payment is expected at drop off of the first day for the week. We will keep everyone updated as much as we can. Thank you, Cody Rohlfing” While the district cannot and will not endorse or recommend any child care services, I felt passing this information along would benefit a few of our families.

6.     We will be asking all students to remove all school supplies and personal items from lockers and/or desks for use at home. We will be cleaning desks and lockers and would like for both to be empty of students’ personal items.

7.     As of the writing of this information, the school calendar (e.g. graduation date, final day of school, etc.) has not changed.

8.     Please check your email regularly for updates on the school closure as well as information from your child’s teacher. They will be sending information to families periodically with resources and materials to be utilized at home.

In closing, I would once again thank you for your understanding and patience as we navigate this unique challenge we are all facing. Also, please remember that the situation is very fluid in that items discussed are subject to change. I will do my best to keep you informed as the situation requires.