Valmeyer CUSD #3Technology Support Requests Tuesday October 22nd, 2019
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    Please check the following.

    1. Are the computer, monitor, and all other peripherals plugged into the electrical outlets on the wall and/or surge outlet strip and turned on?

    2. Are all the cables securely connected from the back of the computer to the appropriate device or network wall outlet?

    3. Is this computer the only one in your room experiencing the problem?

    4. Are computers in other rooms experiencing the same problem?

    5. Did you restart the computer?

    6. If you determine the network or Internet connection is down to AT LEAST an entire building or campus, please call the technology department to report the outage.

    7. Computer does not print. Is the network cable attached to the back of the computer?

    Create a New Technology Trouble Ticket
    Prior to submitting a computer trouble ticket, please reboot the computer and note any message(s) that appear during the startup. Include the message(s) with your description of the problem when creating a new ticket.


    Check the status of an existing Trouble Ticket.
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