We have had a great start to the year and have already started learning many new songs and important musical concepts.
Kindergraten - We have started learning songs that work with steady beat. We have also been working on singing together as a group and on our own. We have many favorite songs including Grizzy Bear and Sam the Robot Man.

1st grade - We have worked very hard so far this year identifying when sounds go up and down and have begun to work on listening for long and short sounds. We have also worked on music that helps us to count and identify what verses are.

2nd grade - We have started learning what a beat is and what types of rhythms can go into one beat. We enjoy becoming ti ti's, ta's and ta-a sitting in chairs which represent different amounts of beats. We have also started working with dynamics and what is loud and soft.

3rd grade - We have started to read music!! We have really focused on using our rhythm syllables and our Kodaly hand signs (below) to help us as beginning music readers. We are also working on singing alone as well as in small groups.

4th grade- We have also started to read music as well as notate it ourselves. We are very excited to be working with Miss Logan on recorders Mondays as well.

5th grade - We have recently learned a song with all 50 states in alphabetical order and were very happy to perform it for our classroom teachers this past week. We will continue to work on songs with syncopation as it is a very difficult musical concept to master.