DISCLAIMER:  Some of the scholarship services charge a fee and are not recommended by the VHS guidance Department. Many of the sites do not guarantee to keep your information confidential, so be careful when providing personal information on the web. (Official ACT website) (register for the ACT online and take practice tests) (American Student Assistance) (College Searches/Financial Aid/College Majors) (Scholarship Searches) (Information on financial aid) (Official government website for Free Application For Federal Student Aid) (Search for colleges/universities) (Occupational Outlook Handbook) (Sallie Mae website that helps take the guesswork out of planning & paying for college) (direct link to Southwestern Illinois College) (interesting article about encouraging students to fill out applications for colleges/scholarships rather than the parents doing it for them). (Funding Education Beyond High School online edition.  A very useful tool for all the information you need to apply for Financial Aid) (An online view of a booklet that explains how to prepare academically and fincially for college through "to do" lists aimed at students and their parents, as well as adult students) (The College Board's career and college planning website) (Free testing practice for many tests such as ACT, ASVAB, Compass, PSAT, SAT, etc.) National Suicide Prevention including a hotline number.  National Institute of Mental Health website. Understanding and treating mental illness.  U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Covers a variety of topics such as eating disorders, depression, suicide warning signs, anxiety/mood disorders, behavioral issues, etc.


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