In the Fall of 2005, a partnership between Valmeyer Schools and Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Southern Illinois was formed.  If you would like more information on the program, please contact Becky Karsten at 935-2100 ext. 205.  We are in need of more high school students to serve as "Bigs" in our program.  We have several "littles" who are in need of a match. 

High School Students Serving as Big Brothers/Sisters in 2016-17 

Claire Debourge

Molly Lewis

Johanna Franke

Morgan McCarthy

Abby Kipping

Maddison Hansen

Savannah Williams

Chela Cain

Kayla Adkins

Cole Juelfs

Blair Brady

Guin Kohnz

Krista Wandro

Michael Chism

Devon Stephenson

Lauren Walls

Abbie Walster

Jacqueline Gibbs

Sarah Andres

Mackenzie Rowe-Brown

Adrian Crossin

Drew Maus

Claire Hoffmann

Chelsea Hooker

Bethany Miller 







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